MSW Programs in NYC

Graduate programs for social work attract incredible students whose sites are set on changing the world. As social workers are having a greater impact on their communities, they are also getting more opportunities to obtain clinical licensing so that they can open up their own clinics.

What had once been a career field for those sacrificing wealth for a higher calling is now one where professionals can have both. However, for students in New York City, it is important to realize that the number of MSW programs in NYC relatively small. In fact, there is only one school that offers the national accreditation needed to fully succeed, and that school is Columbia University.

This may pose a difficult decision for some students. After all, Columbia is an ivy league university that is very expensive. When weighing the cost for those who have the academic strength to get in, it is important to figure out what it will cost not to have national accreditation upon graduation. Will it be worth it to go to one of the other MSW programs in NYC to save the money upfront while forgoing the opportunities that lay ahead? If not, then applying to Columbia is a must.

To be safe, these same students should also apply to SUNY Stonybrook. Stonybrook University is much more affordable, but dorming will be a necessity for city dwellers as it is located on the north shore of Long Island’s Suffolk County.

When it comes to getting the best MSW, these schools are the only to consider for those in the NYC area.

Another option is for students to consider one of the many available online MSW programs in NYC offered by schools outside of the city. Examples of accredited online MSW programs available for student in the NYC area include the University of Southern California, Texas State University, and Case Western Reserve University.