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The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity

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The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity

Animal Protection

Highest Paid CEO: Steven E. Sanderson

Compensation for 2012: $787,747

Charity: Wildlife Conservation Society (Founded in 1895)

Mission: To save wildlife and wild places across the globe.

Total Expenses: $206,097,389

  • 500 conservation projects in 60 countries
  • Manage 200 million acres of land
  • 350 species of animals

Arts, Culture & Humanities

Highest Paid CEO: Peter C. Marzio

Compensation for 2012: $1,633,495

Charity: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Founded in 1900)

Mission: To offer programs, tours, resources, and materials that teach and engage adults, children, educators, and students in the world of art.

Charities Total Expenses: $94,182,127

Since 2010:

  • over 2,000,000 visitors
  • over 750,000 participants in outreach
  • 62,000 artworks in collection
  • over 40,000 members
  • endowment valued over $1billion

Health Charities

Highest Paid CEO: William R. Brody

Compensation for 2012: $841,193

Charity: Salk Institute for Biological Studies (Founded in 1960's)

Mission: Exploring the molecular basis of diseases makes curing them more likely. In an outstanding and unique environment we gather the foremost scientific minds in the world and give them the freedom to work collaboratively and think creatively.

Total Expenses: $110,985,382

As of December 2012:

  • 48 countries represented by salk staff,faculty and students
  • 86% of budget spent on research and support
  • 14% on admin. operations
  • 509 US & foreign patents covering salk technology

Environmental Charities

Highest Paid CEO: Mark R. Tercek

Compensation for 2012: $493,332

Charity: The Nature Conservancy (Founded in 1951)

Mission: To preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Total Expenses: $852,695,208

  • work in all 50 states and 30 countries
  • protected more 119,000,000 acres of land & 100 marine conservation projects
  • since 1986 - generated $47.5 billion for land/water protection
  • Human Services

    Highest Paid CEO: James E. Williams Jr.

    Compensation for 2012: $787,300

    Charity: Easter Seals, National HeadQuarters (Founded in 1934)

    Mission: To maximize the independence of individuals with special needs by providing exceptional service in advocacy, therapy, education, recreation and support services.

    Total Expenses: $93,452,900

    Since 2010:

    • 550 sites in the US
    • 171 workforce development programs
    • 189 childcare programs
    • 181 adult and senior service programs


    Highest Paid CEO: Ralph W. Muller

    Compensation for 2012: $2,000,180

    Charity: University of Pennsylvania Health System/ Penn Medicine (Founded in 1765)

    Mission: Creating the future of medicine through Patient Care and Service Excellence, Educational Pre-eminence, New Knowledge and Innovation, National and International Leadership.

    Total Expenses: $4,686,679,000

    Penn. physicians scientists have participated in...

    • 1st general vaccine against pneumonia
    • discovery of philadelphia chromosome
    • development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • International

      Highest Paid CEO: Richard Haass

      Compensation for 2012: $879,591

      Charity: Council on Foreign Relations (Founded in 1921)

      Mission: A resource to better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries.

      Total Expenses: $52,754,100

      Public Benefit

      Highest Paid CEO: Jonathan W. Simons

      Compensation for 2012: $1,204,968

      Charity: Prostate Cancer Foundation (founded in 1993)

      Mission: To improve knowledge, prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

      Total Expenses: $32,435,142

      Since 2010:

      • over 58 million dollars for prostate research
      • 28 prostate cancer drugs entered phase 1 & 2 of trials


      Highest Paid CEO: Mike Novak

      Compensation for 2012: $500,450

      Charity: Educational Media Foundation (Founded in 1979)

      Mission: Help Christ-centered organizations earn the public's trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices.

      Total Expenses: $70,466,349

      Non-profit CEO pay