Chicago online and campus-based Master’s in Social Work (MSW) programs prepare students to become competent and skilled professionals in the social work field. These students will be committed to helping oppressed populations deal with poverty, discrimination and oppression. When it comes to applying for a MSW program, students need to choose the program that is beneficial to their everyday needs.

The MSW program can lead to higher salaries for a social worker, as well as better jobs. Completing the MSW program can benefit a student who currently holds a Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW) degree. MSW programs prepare students for more advanced social work positions. Social workers cannot provide therapy in clinical settings without a MSW degree.

The application process for campus-based MSW programs in Chicago are generally the same as for online MSW programs in Chicago. Most of the Chicago-based universities offer online programs; this means the same instructors that teach on-campus may also teach the same online MSW courses. Students who desire a more hands-on approach attend campus-based MSW programs, while those students who want more freedom to learn prefer online programs. Chicago has over fifty colleges and universities that offer MSW programs online and campus-based.

There are various career opportunities available to students once they complete their MSW program. The work environment of social workers includes colleges and universities, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and community mental abuse health clinics. The social work industry is growing at an increasing rate, faster than all average occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the high demand of child abuse cases and the need to place children into foster care, the child and family employment rate is expected to grow twenty percent faster than all occupations. This is also due to the increase of student enrollment within the educational system.

Students attending a Chicago-based university online can expect to receive the same quality education as a student at the brick and mortar campus. As long as a student works hard and completes his MSW program, he will receive a great education, which can lead to a successful career in the social work industry.