Today’s society is becoming more and more competitive. One way to beat the odds and get ahead of the competition is to advance your level of education. One of the best ways to improve your education and career is by earning a Master’s degree in Social Work.

If you live in Virginia, know that there are a variety of MSW programs to choose from. In Virginia there are over 30 accredited graduate programs that cater to those who are on the quest to earn a MSW. Master’s in Social Work programs are offered at most brick and mortar campuses or via online in Virginia. Almost all MSW programs in Virginia are focused on giving students the opportunity to gain a higher level of leadership, analytical skills and technological tools that will be needed to excel in their chosen profession. With the MSW programs in Virginia emphasis is also placed on direct service, program implementation and policy analysis within health care settings and government sectors.

Programs can be attended on a full-time or part-time basis. According to, MSW degrees takes two years to earn. Depending on eligibility potential MSW students in Virginia are able to pay for MSW courses with financial aid, grants or scholarships.