Most students choose the Master’s in Social Work (MSW) program due to their strong desire to help others with the challenges of everyday life. There are over forty colleges and universities that offer MSW programs in Boston, both online and in the traditional brick and mortar style campus. The key objective of a student is to find a high-quality program that fits their scheduling needs.

Even though the curriculum for MSW programs in Boston are generally the same, the requirements for an online student may be different compared to a student attending class in-person. Online students are still required to complete field coursework, which requires the online student to participate in internships through local community agencies. Most online MSW programs are taught by the same professors at the Boston-based facility of that university. Some students are required to take the Graduate Record Exam before being admitted into a Boston-based MSW program, while others are not.

Students choose the learning format that benefits them more. Some students are better visual learners; therefore, attending college in-person is best for them. Other students choose an online MSW program offered at an online Boston university. The online educational format works better for students who are looking for a more flexible course schedule. Some online students are currently working in the social work industry, and have decided to return to school but need to attend class and study around their work schedule.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for social workers is going to increases twenty-five percent faster than all average occupations. The top ten percent of social workers earned an average annual salary of $70,390. Social workers are employed within various industries and institutions, including healthcare facilities, educational systems and government agencies.

Becoming a social worker allows a person to help patients cope with everyday problems in their lives. Those students who receive their MSW are educated on how to diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional issues. The quality of education in Boston is not compromised, regardless if a student receives their MSW online or at a traditional college campus.