Obtaining a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) and becoming licensed in Ohio allows a social worker more freedom, as they no longer must work under supervision and are allowed to have their own private practice. A Master’s in Social Work also provides the ability to help people in a more concrete way as an independent social worker is allowed to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders.

In order to apply to MSW programs in Ohio, a prospective student should have a BA in social work or related field, and may have to take the GRE test depending on their previous grades or need for financial aid. Some programs will also require the student to articulate their reasons for wanting to be in social work and demonstrate emotional maturity. Ohio State University Graduate School offers a MSW; Cleveland State University has partnered with Akron University in offering an MSW using distance learning technologies.

Students should consider whether they want to enroll in a campus based degree program or an online degree program. No matter which program they choose, they will have to accumulate many hours of field experience. However, online MSW programs in Ohio and elsewhere allow them the freedom to work those hours in a location that is most convenient for them. An online program also offers more flexibility in scheduling. A campus based program gives the student a more structured environment and prompts more social interaction with fellow students and professors.