Connecticut (CT) provides twenty-eight opportunities for social work programs at the graduate degree level. Just two of the twenty-eight MSW programs in CT are offered as on-campus study. Some factors to consider when deciding whether to study on-campus or online include: your most effective learning environment, your commitments and schedule, and whether one method will affect your lifestyle in a disadvantageous manner.

The only two on-campus MSW programs in CT are provided at Southern Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut. Boston University, Florida State University and Western Kentucky University are three universities of many that offer online-based programs. These universities are brick-and-mortar, which means that they also provide on-campus instruction. Some online programs may be more costly, but that counters the added flexibility that they may afford you. There are also strictly online universities, such as Capella University, that offer master’s degrees in social work online.

The advantages of obtaining a master’s degree in social work may be abundant. As with any master’s degree program, you will be learning at a higher level. Therefore, you will exit the program with more skills and depth of knowledge. The program will also help your development and connections to others in the field. The master’s degree will also provide you with the opportunity to seek specialized certifications, which may lead to your becoming an expert in your respective field. With these two advantages, you will increase your value as a professional. Increased value generally leads to increased pay, more control over your work, and more recognition.