There are thirty-three MSW programs in Georgia. Seven of those thirty-three programs are on-campus. In you live in Georgia and you are considering pursuing a master’s degree in social work, Clark Atlanta University, the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, Valdosta State University, and Savannah State University are the seven on-campus MSW program Georgia provides.

While you are considering whether to pursue an on-campus program or online study, you should factor how much you value face-to-face instruction, your work commitments, your family situation, and how your life could change under each method. If you choose an online program, there are several brick-and-mortar universities that offer online MSW programs in Georgia. These universities include Boston University, the University of Southern California, Western Kentucky University, and the University of North Dakota.

Obtaining a graduate degree in social work comes with many advantages. The advanced degree may give you with in-depth training and development, the opportunity to seek specialty certifications, and more career options over time. Any additional credentials you obtain will help you be more attractive in the competitive area of profession. More in-depth training and development and obtaining specialized certifications help you to become an expert in your field and open the doors for more career options in fields. The valuable you become to your field, the benefits your will have exposure to. These benefits may include a higher pay grade, more control in your work life, and recognition.