There are forty-six MSW programs in Michigan. Of the forty-six, seven of these programs are on-campus. When choosing between on-campus and online graduate programs, weigh the value of face-to-face to your most effective learning style, your proximity to a university campus, and how on-campus and online learning will affect your current lifestyle.

The seven on-campus MSW programs in Michigan are located at Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University, Michigan State University, Andrews University, the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Western Michigan University. Some brick-and-mortar universities offer online MSW programs in Michigan and across the country. Some of these universities include California State University at Northridge, the University of North Dakota, the University of Southern California, the University of Louisville, Boston University and Florida State University.

A master’s degree in general has many benefits. The higher level degree may equip you with advanced training and development, specialty certifications, and increased career options. Since the social work field is popular and demanded, every added credential you include on your resume helps you stand apart from others in the competitive and saturated field. The advanced training and development helps you become an expert in your respective field, which increases your value. Similarly, specialty certifications will enable you to explore more career options in fields such as gerontology or school social work. The more career options you have, the more valuable an asset you are. Your increased value may translate to higher pay, more autonomy, and opportunities for recognition.