Online Social Work Resource Guide

This guide is intended to be your once stop shop for valuable information and resources about social work, both as a field and as a course of study. Our intent […]

MSW Programs in Texas

There are thirty-six MSW programs in Texas. While many Texas universities offer these degrees on-campus, there are also online options. You should consider several factors when deciding whether to study […]

MSW Programs in Maryland

There are twenty-nine MSW programs in Maryland. Just three of these twenty-nine programs are offered on-campus. Therefore, take time to decide whether you want to be located on-campus or learn […]

MSW Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut (CT) provides twenty-eight opportunities for social work programs at the graduate degree level. Just two of the twenty-eight MSW programs in CT are offered as on-campus study. Some factors […]

MSW Programs in Georgia

There are thirty-three MSW programs in Georgia. Seven of those thirty-three programs are on-campus. In you live in Georgia and you are considering pursuing a master’s degree in social work, […]

MSW Programs in Colorado

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, employment for social workers is expected to grow at a faster than average rate for all occupations. and currently the demand […]

MSW Programs in Michigan

There are forty-six MSW programs in Michigan. Of the forty-six, seven of these programs are on-campus. When choosing between on-campus and online graduate programs, weigh the value of face-to-face to […]

MSW Programs in Washington State

There are thirty-seven different MWS programs in Washington State. Thirty-three of these programs are online based degrees. The state has just four university with on-campus programs for master’s of social […]

MSW Programs in Illinois

There are fifty-five MSW programs in Illinois. More than half of these programs are offered online. On-campus and online instruction have their advantages, so it is important to weigh the […]

MSW Programs in Ohio

Obtaining a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) and becoming licensed in Ohio allows a social worker more freedom, as they no longer must work under supervision and are allowed to […]